Lure Module

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Lure modules attract Pokemon to the pokestop it was activated on. These Pokemon are visible to you and everyone else near the Pokestop.

Pokestops with a Lure Module are highlighted to other players and will normally attract other players to play in your area.

Activate a Lure Module[edit]

You can place a lure module on a pokestop to attract wild pokemon. A lure module will benefit you and those around you as well. To place a lure module on a pokestop, go near it and press the white bar above the picture. You can now select the module to install.

Where can I find lure modules[edit]

  • In the shop for 100 coins each, or 8 for 680 coins
  • You get some for free as you increase level (Such as reaching level 8 will reward you with a lure module)

Find a pokestop with a Lure Module[edit]

Pokestops that have an active Lure module will have pink petals around it. This is visible to all players in the area of this Pokestop.