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  • Lucky Egg - Doubles experience for 30 minutes
  • Incense - Lures wild Pokemon to you for 30 minutes, unlike lure modules an incense can only be used by summoning trainer only and is not limited to a pokestop
  • Lure Module - Lures wild Pokemon to the picked Pokestop for 30 minutes, any trainer in the radius of the pokestop benefits
  • Razz Berry - Razz Berries are an item you can get after reaching level 8 in the game. These fruits are used to make catching Pokemon much easier, especially those with high CP and rarer species.
  • Bluk Berry - They are found in the code of the game, no one is aware what level they are unlocked at or how to acquire these berries.

Poke Balls[edit]

  • Poke Ball - The basic Poke ball, you gain poke balls from pokestops and by leveling up
  • Great Ball - An improved Poke ball which has a better chance of catching wild pokemon. you will receive these as a bonus once your trainer reaches level 12
  • Ultra Ball - The second strongest Poke ball in the game, you will receive these as a bonus at level 20
  • Master Ball - Strongest and rarest poke ball, it has a one-time use and will never fail

Egg Incubators[edit]

  • Unlimited Incubator - Can only use on one egg at a time, this is a permanent incubator and you keep it forever
  • Limited Incubators - Can only be used 3 times, after 3 uses you will no longer be able to incubate eggs with it