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Incense spawns extra Pokemon next to you. These Pokemon are only visible to you and people around you who have used incense. It lasts for 30 minutes.

If you want to attract Pokemon to you and friends then it's probably best to use the Lure module.

Where can I find incense[edit]

  • Incense can be purchased in the shop
  • Incense is also earned by increasing level
  • One Incense is earned by reaching Level 5, Level 7, Level 10, and Level 25. Level 20 brings a reward of two incense.

How to use Incense[edit]

  1. Press the Poke Ball.
  2. Press Items.
  3. If you have incense then it will show in this list. Press it here.
  4. Press the picture again and the incense should become active.
  5. You can see it's active by the purple cloud that surrounds your character.

When sitting still, incense will spawn one pokemon every five minutes. When moving, the game will spawn a Pokemon for every 200 meters walked, but with no more than one spawn each minute.