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Gyms can be found all around the world and are a central place to battle against trainers and meet other Pokemon go explorers. Gyms can be found in cities or central urban areas. All gyms require you to be of level 5 or higher to use.

Gym levels[edit]

For every level the gym goes up you can put an extra Pokemon there to defend it. Remember that every player can only put 1 Pokemon at each Gym. The Gym will get prestige every time:

  • Someone from the defending team beats a Pokemon (when training against the friendly gym)
  • An opposing team loses a battle against the gym
  • when the defending team puts another Pokemon to defend the gym (this gives 2000 prestige)

In the list below you can see how much prestige a gym needs to have to get to the next level.

If you manage to bring an opposing team's gym below the prestige threshold, the gym's level will lower as well (resulting in fewer Pokemon defending).

Attacking gyms & becoming a gym leader[edit]

Each time you reduce the gyms level by attacking it, the weakest pokemon will be kicked out until the gym reaches level 0 and becomes neutral. You can then capture the gym for your own team by clicking on it and choosing a pokemon to defend the gym.

The trainer who has the highest CP Pokemon defending the gym will automatically become a gym leader and the other trainers are supporters.

Defending the gym[edit]

When your team has control of the gym, it can be defended with Pokemon. For each gym level, 1 Pokemon can be left. Each player can only leave 1 Pokemon at each gym. The game will control your defending Pokemon when the gym is getting attacked by a player from another team (or a player of your team training it).

The gym leader isn't determined by who claims the gym but by who of that team's Pokemon has the highest CP (Combat Points). For every gym your team controls and you leave a pokemon to defend, you will get 10 coins, that can only be claimed each 21h, by clicking in the shield icon inside the shop menu.

If an opposing team takes your gym, you can attack it yourself to get it back.

Does battling a Gym with your Pokemon increase its CP?[edit]

No, battling in a gym does not increase a Pokemons CP. The only way to increase the CP of a Pokemon is by evolving or powering up.

Collecting coins if you're a gym defender[edit]

When you've got a Pokemon at a gym, you can get paid for this in coins. You can get 10 coins for every gym you have a Pokemon at, with a maximum of 100 coins. These coins can be claimed every 21 hours by:
1. Pressing the Poke Ball
2. Clicking on shop
3. Pressing the button at the right top corner.