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Pokemon can hatch from eggs. You can collect eggs from Pokestops.

To hatch an egg you need to incubate it and walk the distance it specifies. These eggs should not be confused with the lucky egg which is an item.

Different Types of Eggs[edit]

There are currently 4 types of eggs. The longer the distance you need to walk, the rarer and better the Pokemon is (except for the 1km egg). You can see which Pokemon come out of which egg on the pages below (except for the 1km egg, all pokemons including legendaries can come out of it.).

Do I need to walk to hatch an egg?[edit]

An egg can be hatched by moving the distance specified in the egg. This has to be done while the app is active, with the screen on (or battery saver mode), and you're moving at slow speed.

The general rule of thumb is that it will work when walking or cycling up to 10km/h. If you're going over this speed (e.g. by car, bus or train) then it doesn't count towards your egg hatching. You might also won't be able to interact with any Pokestops for a while.

Sometimes the GPS in phones isn't very accurate and it can make it look like you're walking around (especially in areas with tall buildings). The area it moves you is normally quite small, so it ends up counting towards your egg hatching distance. This small distance can add up when you leave your phone open all day.

What do I get for hatching an egg?[edit]

  • You will receive a Pokemon. See the above links to see which Pokemon come out of which eggs.
  • You receive candy for the Pokemon you receive. This is normally quite a lot more than when you catch a Pokemon
  • You receive 500 XP for hatching any egg (can be doubled with a lucky egg ).
  • You receive 500 bonus XP for hatching a Pokemon which you have not seen before (can be doubled with a lucky egg ).

How To Hatch Eggs[edit]

See incubating

  • To hatch eggs, you must walk 2 km, 5 km, or 10km, depending on what kind of egg you receive.