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Thank you for your interest in helping to improve this excellent community resource for Pokemon Go. Below you will find information that will help you to edit and create content on this wiki.


You can see an example of a complete pokemon page on the Pidgey page.


If you have a Pokemon which we do not yet have an image for please upload it! First of all take a screenshot of the pokedex page for the Pokemon in question. Next you should crop it in a square shape so that most of the image is of the pokemon with a little bit of the surrounding background. We require images to be in the .png format and for the image name to be the name of the Pokemon starting with a capital letter e.g. Pidgey.png

If you do not have time to crop it or can't figure out how, please still upload it but add -uncropped to the filename e.g. Pidgey-uncropped.png


Pokemon stats can be added or changed by clicking the edit button on the toolbar while on a Pokemon page. If you have not used mediawiki before it may look confusing but all you need to do is find the relevant option (called a variable) and edit or add the value.

The variables look like this: inWild=Yes

Here is a description of the available variables, what they are for and example value.

Name Description Example Value
pokemonName This is automatically generated and does not need to be changed. N/A
pokedexId The Pokedex ID of the Pokemon. 16
inWild Indicates if the Pokemon can be caught in the wild. Yes / No
fromEgg Indicates if the Pokemon can be hatched from an egg. Yes / No
buddyDistance how many km do you normally need to walk with this Pokemon as your buddy to receive candy (just enter the number) 2
previousName The name of the Pokemon in the previous evolutionary stage Pidgey / None
nextName The name of the Pokemon in the next evolutionary stage Pidgeot / None
nextCandies How many candies are required to evolve the Pokemon 12
type1 The first type of the Pokemon Normal
type2 The second type of the Pokemon, if it has one Flying / None
candy How much candy is needed to power up a Pokemon 1
primAttackName The name of the Pokemon's primary attack Quick Attack
primAttackPower The power of the Pokemon's primary attack 10
primAttackType The type of the Pokemon's primary attack Normal
specAttackName The name of the Pokemon's special attack Aerial Ace
specAttackPower The power of the Pokemon's special attack 25
specAttackType The type of the Pokemon's special attack Flying
specAttackBars How many power bars are needed to trigger the special attack 2,3,4,5,Full

Miscellaneous Info[edit]

If there is any additional information you want to add about a Pokémon please add a new section to the page. You can edit the Bulbasaur to see how to do this if you don't know how.


If you've got any tips and tricks to share with the community then please help out by creating a guide in the Guides section.

Wanted pages & files[edit]

Have a look at the automatically generated wanted pages list. This shows topics that other pages link to but have not yet been created.